Challenge Creation for TISC 2021

Thank you for your interest in submitting a challenge! It is important that you read this carefully to ensure that you understand and agree to the conditions. Please download the e-form here and sign/e-sign at the end of the form and submit it with your challenge. For any clarifications regarding this, please email us at


  1. Challenge idea should be original and the challenge should be created by you.  

  2. Only 1 challenge submission per person.  

  3. This form must be signed and submitted with your challenge.  

  4. Email your challenge to by date. 

  5. Selected challenge creators will not be eligible for prizes in TISC 2021. Selected challenge creators will be contacted by date via email

Challenge topic

  1. Challenge topics should encompass Infosecurity or Cybersecurity topics such as, but not limited to:  

    1. Web Hacking 

    2. Forensics 

    3. Reverse Engineering 

    4. Binary Exploitation 

    5. Cryptography 

    6. Mobile Security 

    7. IoT 

  2. Challenge idea is not limited to 1 topic, you may combine several topics together for the creation of your challenge.  

What to submit

  1. Challenge question and files (what the participants will be shown). 

  2. Challenge description. 

  3. Setup README file. 

  4. Challenge source code, docker files, etc. 

  5. Challenge solution (write-up & script). 

  6. Challenge flag. 

Scope of challenge and criteria for challenge selection

  1. Good, creative and innovative ideas.  

  2. Tough yet solvable within reasonable time (eg: 1-3 days). 

  3. Challenge should not require or suggest any solution involving server probing or brute-forcing. 

Incentive for selected challenge

  1. S$1,000 for 1 challenge (payment will be made by end-September 2021) 

interested to submit your challenge?

Click HERE to download and sign the document.