Q1: Who is CSIT?

A1: CSIT is the leading agency that conducts applied research and builds products which harness cutting-edge digital technologies to meet Singapore's national security needs. 


Q2: What is The InfoSecurity Challenge (TISC)? 

A2: TISC is the first online challenge organised by CSIT. It provides opportunities for interested Singaporeans to put their cybersecurity and programming skills to the test by solving challenging puzzles against the clock.


Q3 What if I’m having problems with the site? 

A3: Do drop us an email at tisc_contactus@csit.gov.sg



Q1: Can I participate in this challenge with my friends as a team of 4? 

A1: As TISC is an individual challenge, you may only participate as an individual. 

Q2: I’m a PR, can I participate in this challenge? 

A2: Only Singapore citizens are eligible to participate in this challenge. 

Q3: What skills do I need to take part in this challenge? 

A3: As the questions are challenging, it would be beneficial to have prior knowledge in programming languages and cybersecurity. 



Q1: Where can I register for this challenge? 

A1: You may register at www.tisc.csit-events.sg.

Q2: Is there a registration fee? 

A2: No.

Q3: How do I create an account?

A3: You will be required to login with MyInfo to create an account. A confirmation email will be sent after successful registration. Please check all inboxes to ensure that the mail is not missed.

Q4: Is there a selection process after registration? 

A4: There is no selection process, all eligible candidates are welcome to participate in the challenge after registering.


Game Play

Q1: Must I play for 48 hours straight? 

A1: You may take breaks in between at your own discretion but once you click on the “start” button, you only have 48 hours to complete the challenge. 

Q2: What if I cannot complete the challenge in 48 hours? 

A2: As this is a challenge, no extra time will be given beyond the 48 hours to complete it. 

Q3: What are the steps in place to prevent cheating?

A3: CSIT will implement technical measures to find out if participants have violated the rules of fair game play.

Q4: What if I suspect someone is cheating? 

A4: You may let the organisers know at tisc_contactus@csit.gov.sg

Q5: Am I required to download anything for the challenge? 

A5: Participants may use tools or applications of their choice to complete the challenge.

Q6: If I registered for an account on 12 Aug 20, but only start playing on 7 Sep 0000H, how much time do I have to attempt the challenges?

A6: You have 23 hours and 59 minutes left to attempt the challenge.

Q7: What equipment do I need for the challenge? 

A7: A computer with internet connection. 

Q8: What if while playing, my browser/internet crashes? Will I get to continue from my previous attempt? 

A8: As long as you have submitted your flag, it will be saved.