This challenge is open to all Singapore citizens. Employees of CSIT and officers seconded to CSIT are not eligible to participate.


Contest Procedures

By entering this challenge, the participant is indicating his/her agreement to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

  1. All participants must register an account via MyInfo to be able to play the challenge. Participants may register for an account any time after 13 Jul and before 5 Sep 2020 2359H (GMT+8). 

  2. After registration, all participants can start playing the challenge any time after 8 Aug 2020 0000H (GMT+8), with the last flag submission on 7 Sep 2020 2359H (GMT+8). 

  3. Once participants start playing, they will be given 48 consecutive hours to complete as many questions as possible. No further submissions can be made 48 hours after gameplay has started.

  4. Participants are given only one attempt. 

  5. This challenge is for individuals and participants are to attempt the questions on their own.

  6. Participants must not attempt to probe or attack the host server. Any such attempts will result in disqualification. *hint* There are no answers there.


Code of Conduct

By participating in this challenge, you agree to abide by the TISC Code of Conduct:

  1. Do not engage or attempt to engage in cheating behaviour such as, and not limited to, playing in teams, seeking help from external parties beyond the internet, or sharing your flags and solutions with other participants.

  2. Do not delete, modify, replace, or break any flags, questions, services and anything related to the challenge.

  3. Do not share any TISC content online or with anyone. This includes, but is not limited to, questions, scripts, binaries, environment info, write-ups, etc.

  4. Do not generate excessive load or attack the infrastructure.

  5. Do not share challenge details which may include, and is not limited to, challenge descriptions, links to the challenge services/endpoints, challenge files, etc.


You are encouraged to document solutions, thought process and methodologies used for each question. In order to be eligible for prizes, participants must submit write-ups within 48 hours after completing the challenge.


If a participant engages in unacceptable behaviour, CSIT reserves the right to take appropriate action, up to and including disqualification of the participant.


Prize Winners

Winners will be selected based on (1) the number of questions completed; (2) the time taken to complete them.  


Additional verification will be conducted to validate the submission from potential prize winners, for example: write-ups, interviews, etc. You are expected to have the necessary documents to support such additional verification. 


CSIT reserves the right to disqualify participants who are unable to pass this verification. 


CSIT’s selection of the winners is final. 



The prizes are as stated, and are not transferable, redeemable, or exchangeable for cash or any other prize. Prizes are subject to availability and CSIT reserves the right to substitute any prize with another of equivalent value without giving notice.

Winners will be notified via email by 18 Sep 20 on the prize collection details (date, time, venue, etc). If any of the winners cannot be contacted within 14 days of notification, CSIT reserves the right to withdraw the prize.

CSIT may ask for proof of identity to verify the winners' identity at any time, and may use any channels and methods available to carry out checks of any details provided. Participants may only enter the challenge in their own name.



Reasons for disqualification

CSIT may conduct verification checks to validate that participants have observed fair game play according to the rules of this challenge. CSIT has the right to disqualify any participants suspected of violating the rules of fair game play. 


Collection and use of personal data

By entering this challenge, participants agree to the rules and regulations, and consent to CSIT’s collection of personal data through the challenge platform, which might be used for the purpose of challenge administration, related publicity events, and outreach for opportunities in MINDEF. 

All other personal details collected as part of this challenge will be used in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act. 



Upon entering this challenge, you agree to grant CSIT the right to use your name and photograph in any publicity activities related to this challenge, for example, prize awards.



CSIT reserves the right, at its sole discretion and at any time, to change or modify the terms and conditions of this challenge. 

CSIT reserves the right to withdraw the prizes at anytime if CSIT suspects participants to be cheating.


CSIT reserves the right to cancel/halt the challenge or change the challenge format as and when necessary.